Celsius Instruments Mailshot

Celsius Instruments mailshot has been released:


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Celsius Instruments Brochure

Celsius Instruments present their new brochure.


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Celsius Instruments at Pack Expo

Celsius Instruments will be presenting their unique non-invasive temperature measuring instrument, the Celsius Midi at Pack Expo in Cicago Illinois in November.


Come and visit us on the Langen Group stand between the 6th and 9th November for a demonstration and to learn more about the benefits.


Booth no. S-3860

Pack Expo




How Celsius works

Celsius Instruments offer a non-invasive thermometry system to measure the average temperature of items such as frozen and chilled food-stuffs.


It can measure two main types of food production:


  • Chilled products
  • Frozen products

Everything emits radiation with an intensity spectrum that depends on temperature – put simply, the hotter it is, the brighter it glows.


Celsius works by detecting and measuring this radiation to give a read-out of sample temperature – in fact it’s convenient to think of Celsius as a ‘Backwards Microwave Oven’.


New Celsius Unit


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How it works